Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene - The Clock Struck 15 Hours Ago lyrics

And the clock struck fifteen hours ago; it is shining

And the man who is wasting on the wall

Looks a lot like Jesus

And a little bit resembling

the man in the mirror in the hall

And I rose-trayed sailors

And you still shining

And I'm till waiting to got

And I lied for sailors

And I lied for certain

And I lied to everyone I know

Oh I'd believe in God and I'd believe in loving

but I don't speak to anyone who knows

And I need four 50's and three yellow lemons

And someone to take me home

And I'd forgotten the one who was sailing

on the water down beside where you don't go

And it's strange to tell

that the one who is shining

is someone I forgot I used to know

And the clock struck fifteen hours ago

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