Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene - On My Way lyrics

Father forgive me

But I don't care

Taking off the things they wear

In lines

She's got a family

Now they stay inside

Don't think she'll make it home tonight

And I'm on my way to the next town

And I'm on my way in a hurry and I'm on my way

My head down and down and down

And I'm on my way

Don't worry

Don't look straight at me

Get that straight

Get out and leave before the next day

He made it happen

But I digress

I believe that something must have happened

Repeat Chorus

Take me alive take me tonight

Take me dead this time tomorrow

Take me to my place

Give me what you do

Find out the meaning of tomorrow

It will not happen

And it never can

Fe fi sit down your pattern

Repeat Chorus

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