Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene - I Wanna Stay Alive With You lyrics

Your promises are empty

Don't baffle me with lies

You know I'll see right through you

You've got that look in your eyes

And your selfishness will get the best of you

And you don't even realize

That it's wrong

Don't even try to play me for a fool this time

Cause I won't let you walk all over me

You're in for a surprise if you think I'll let you get to me

Cause I know your games all the well my dear

And I've grown up to see things much more clear

Make someone else your marter

I'm not an easy sway

I won't bend that way

Don't promise me the world when you know you can't deliver

Your lies are getting old and they've become much bigger

Wiser is the one who never let's his guard down

And hopefully with time, these wounds will heal

And you can make up for all of your mistakes

Until that happens, I won't let my guard down

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