Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene - I Just Need Myself lyrics

I'll die before I get to sleep

When screaming shadows haunt my dreams

I'm cold and soaking wet when daylight shows its face

This fear will always get in your way

And I can hear so much

That I miss it everyday

It finds me deep in love and deeper down the lane

I don't know too much but I know what I want to say

I Just Need Myself

Please leave me when you see me fall

Oh please I have to climb that wall

And from the top of it you can nearly see your face

But don't let this ever get in your way

Repeat Chorus

I'm not going to walk on sinking sand

I'll sail this day to higher land

and when the sun is high, and I'll let my music say

These things will never get in your way

Repeat Chorus

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