Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene - I Am The News lyrics

I am the news and I'll say no more

I am the stranger at your door

I am the the deep beneath the sea

The threat of flood tide rising

I am the banks bearing refugees

Always a cause not solution

A constant fear or a fleeting joy

Your only friend who needs using

I am the news and I'm in your face

And I'll take my profit from your faith

I am the the face beneath the face

The catalyst of explosions

I am the crop bearing crippled genes

I am an inside connection

A constant friend on a changing screen

Your history and direction


I'll turn you on again

You're the truth

You're a soothe

Be the blues

Be my best friend

Don't give us the truth

I need the news again

I am the news and I'm every spin

I am what is and what's not in

I am the trump cardI'm the ace

I am the news and I'm in your face

I am the ocean's biggest roar

I am the smallest twist of fate

I am the ending of a play

I am the opening curtain

Repeat second half of second verse

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