Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene - Biggest Thing lyrics

Off the wall the streets you go

The little girl don't find her name

? ? ? down roads to homes

Where everybody find their game

Just behind the street she goes

She'll be found behind her wheel

'cause it's the only place she knows

That makes her know just how she feels

'cause you're biggest thing

That I see

You got me where you want me

You hunt me down you hold me

And beg me to believe

All too fast to where she goes

But who'll be first to find her name

Holding on in hollywood

But holding on don't make the grade

Just about ? ? ? it's alright

? ? ? find

This holidays not hollywood

And holidays don't suit my game

Repeat chorus

Holidays and harlem(? ) nights

Where everybody find their way

? ? ? things they write

And makes you wanna find your place

Repeat chorus twice

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