Obtained Enslavement

Obtained Enslavement - Warlock lyrics

We dance in the heart of the forest

Our fingers cast no shadows

Torches light the circle

The coven begins

Goddess of fire

Cast me thy moonspell

Grant me the powers of the nocturnal arts

Dance the circle

Unite us in spirit

And bring forth to us thy forbidden pleasures

Brought to life by the pagan

The spirit of the raven

Darkness caresses us

As the nightqueen hears our prayers

Ancient spirits whisper

Unseen is our desire

Immortal souls of heathen faith devour the sun

Goddess of wisdom

Hear the summoning of your childen

Bewitched by the essence

Of your diabolical beauty

Oh, mighty warlock

Forgotten by time

Still your spirit lives in these forests

You who rule the night

You are the essence of evil

Bring thy glory into our hearts

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