Obtained Enslavement

Obtained Enslavement - Torned Winds From A Past Star lyrics

A lightning rips the sky apart

The ground is covered with snow

The trees are torned by the winds from the past

And the sky is left with scars

I hear a voice from a distance

It whispers my name from the deep

My soul is released from the star

From where I have viewed the world

I turn back to where I once was spawned

To the tree where my soul was descent

The moon reflects in the freezing water

And I glimpse a gleam of light in the distant horizons

Like a child who crawls to its mother

I am slowly approaching the horizons

To see the fear in their eyes

As the birds depart from the skies

I hear the screams of a woman

As the stars fade away to die

I remember a time in a past forgotten

I was created centuries ago

The earth is swallowed by darkness

My time has come

Once again snow falls from the skies

The world is mine to view

I am of darkness

My departition is darkness

And from darkness is my resurrection

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