Obtained Enslavement

Obtained Enslavement - The Seven Witches... lyrics

For the Sabbath of the seven witches

And their dance for the unholy arrival

As the warlord appears in crystal views

No eyes shall ever see again.

There are nights and there will be but nights

For endless are these steps

Shadows from a thousand years back

Behold... the powers of the moon

For this moment of forever

Will be in those souls

Naked is she

For the gate are but purity

And the air shall stand red

Coloured by the humble creatures of god

Awake the demons

For the time is theirs

Await the sun to turn black as it once was written

Hark... the beasts of the night

Beware of the coming

Eyes die, but still there are visions

For this is not human flesh

Nor human souls

Forever is this moment

Blasphemer of the forbidden night

Take what's yours

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