Obtained Enslavement

Obtained Enslavement - Stepping Over Angels lyrics

Carnal lust dwells

in the mind of the angel

who sits at his feet of his master

And God - heaven alone

can no longer please him,

after glimpse of the race

this is walking below

The pleasures of flesh

and the glory of war

has left scars in the mind

of the one at God's feet

In visions of horror

he pictures himself,

as he steps over angels

and enter God's seat

Satisfaction is now on the face

of the one who no longer

is by the feet of his god

But sits high on his throne of gold

The so-called king

who came forth from the east,

will he be worthy for the beast?

Or will they throw him to the dogs for

them to have feast?

[Repeat all]

The one who came forth

from the east

was not worthy for the beast

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