Obtained Enslavement

Obtained Enslavement - Soulblight lyrics

With the soulblight came chaos and hate.

Few were those with hearts of purity

And forgotten were those who drowned in pity...

Brought by others.

As mist the blight appeared.

It covered the lands in darkness and death.

As real as the soil they lived upon

Were the battles waiting to be won.

The field was charged.

The sound of steel meeting steel...

Sung across the plains.

In every corned of the land one could feel the Ground shake.

Axes of war and spikes on clubs ripped and

Cut through flesh. Thousands fell.

Few were those, able to stand.

Risen by pride. The mist did not blind their views.

Still they breathed the air... polluted by the blight.

But they stood proud, as one... the victorious!

Songs of war were to be heard across the land.

Desolate and naked were the senses of man.

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