Obtained Enslavement

Obtained Enslavement - From Times In Kingdoms... lyrics

From times in kingdoms I have come

The oaths I have sworn

Never shall I deceive my quest

I will gather the immortals to weep

I shall crucify my death

The children of black - Oh, what is their pity?

Shall they not die for me?

My soil shall remain graveless

For I was here to wander

...and I will collect my sins

From my beloved I shall tear out the last one

Never will you see me take what's mine

I share nothing with my shadow

I wander without this untrustful

Made by light - My eyes' worst enemy

Ancients shall again conquer the kingdoms

Beyond my candles I shall look

But thou, my ears shall hear this fire

Made by human eyes

Not to be seen

I will call out my needs

For they will be suffered for

For this, no one shall ever sleep again

The nightpain is eternal

And your sorrow is, by my name, eternal

So sleep...

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