Obliveon - Obscure Mindways lyrics

A breach in incorporeality

An entrance to intensity

A passage to a strage immensity

Admission to intricacy


Life brought you in its galleries

And put you through all its mysteries

The galleries live, they have a soul

The galleries rule, they're in control

Another trap, you need another start

You've lost the map, now will you loose you heart

Endangered in the alleys of a mind

You strongly hankered exit you must find

The labyrinth debilitates

You better take care of your brain

The labyrinth adjudicates

Decides the way you'll go insane

Obscure mindways

Halls of craziness

Obscure mindways

It's time to rack your brains

Obscure mindways

Corridors of madness

Obscure mindways

How will you go insane?

Becoming flustered in disorientation

The maze obstetriciates your every torment

Every junction is subjected to dilemma

Each way leads to a different unknown

You may run towards a safer area

You may run towards a danger zone

Journey through arteries of complexity

Your at deadlock, lost and disconcerted

Journey through frightening insecurity

Trapped in fear, is freedom disconnected?

Where is freedom?

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