Obliveon - It should Have Stayed Unreal lyrics

His mind is the mold

Of fearful events

A matter of time

'till it's reality

The power to see

What someday will be

Visions of the future

Through creativity

What's in his mind?

The birth of another tragedy

Just give him time

And it will be part of destiny

And it will be part of destiny

Brain by brain

A contagion runs

A virus of madness

Hits everyman on earth

An acropolis

Hides the antidote

He'll find its access

When the right time will come

It isn't like it was meant to be

Now that it's real

There is no acces he can see

He starts to fear

Cheated by his imagination

Punished for his crime against humanity

Innocence would be found only in his mind

He's now forced to soar through that world in his mind

To find the strong antidote that will save mankind

Destiny must not turn to a tragedy

Destiny must not turn to a tragedy!

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