Obliveon - Factory Of Delusions lyrics

Hear the sad doctrine of lost ones again

Ride on the furrow of despair

Obey the factory until you meet the end

To runaway you should not dare

Supremacy is the factory

Bow and obey to the factory

A psychodisleptical place

Where i have to dwell

Secluded here with the insane

Sharing their hell

Supremacy they keep telling me

But i don't believe in the factory

The fragrance of blinded consciences

lunacy stinks

A machine until obsolescence

No need to think

But secretly i do

Feeling the conspiracy

The moving spirit in the plot

The want me to be conditioned to lunacy

They keep me from reality

Somehow i have to stop the rot

Their master program hasn't worked for me

Factory of delusions

Producing only scars from broken dreams

Factory of delusions

My anger is now bursting at the seams

Now i'm the factory

I see just what i want to see

I'm the factory

I won't be long before i am free

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