Obie Trice

Obie Trice - Well Known Asshole lyrics

[Chorus] - (Scratched)

(I am in fact, unbelivable)

The name's Obie Trice, the well known asshole

(I be what I wanna, shut yer fuckin' mouth child child)

[Verse One]

Aiyo, its massive now, Obie Trice is now here

So all weak mutherfuckers step to the rear

My techniques been sweet since I was a embryo

On tour fetus

And at birth who could belive this?

8 pounds, 3 ounce, child could move a crowd

And have my music blisteratin' through systems loud

Turning partys out wit a cup of Guinness stout

Talk shit, knocked out, what a thug all about

Without a doubt I brings terror, sex changing MC's

Put 'em out there (?) mascara (meh meh)

clever wit ryhmes, its like whateva wit mine

Talk shit, get smacked unlimited times

I'm known to focus, get the buzz like the locust

An' Obie is the dopest Nigga

[Chorus] (with variations)

[Verse Two]

I flip birds, like dimonique dogs flips ass

Jack ma dick wen i sit in hot baths

Roll with raw dawgs, I'm ready to rock

I been settin down shit since the hiohop shop

In ma block nuttin but thugs mean dogs

40 cal slug, broken 40 ounces of bud

To suds, (?) the floor, you niggaz want more?

catch me on tour at your local record store

The "o" the finest, Nap entertainment the finest

Who told that lie that obie wasn't the grimiest?

[Chorus] (with variations)

[Verse Three]

Verse 3, I thought this rap game would never curse me

Leave on the service, dyin, hungry an' thirsty?

Take yo' mind, like I took yer girl virginity

And leave clips empty on any nigga that tempts me

Moss, show me tracks so I can ride in this thang

Whatevas left that we got thats undecided

Violent, hittin fifty states like a riot

Attracting crowds from newborns to those retired

Admire it an' let yer mans know

Its Obie Trice nigga, The Well Known Asshole

(I am in fact) The well known asshole

(scratched) Shut yer fuckin mouth child

(scratched) I am in fact, unbelivable

The name's obie trice the well known asshole

(scratched) Shut yer fuckin mouth child

(lemme show me back wit the way that I can demonstrate)

(scratched) I am infact, unbelivable

The name's obie trice the well known asshole

{*variations of the above until end*}

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