Obie Trice

Obie Trice - Violent lyrics

Obie Trice

You can catch me in the hood, up to no good

With that Mac like right beside me

I ain't by no niggaz eyeing my figures

Deprive me of my life, try me

I'ma rip up tissue, homie I won't miss you

This'll be the day that ya dying

Nigga I'm violent

Ya hearing the sirens, once that ass silence

For fucking with me, nigga I'm violent

Cause I'm so tired of these wannabe riders trying to touch Obie

Cause nigga I'm violent

Hat match the jacket, jack match the glove

Glove match the Mac that send niggaz above

All black when his faggot ass acts up

When the boys interrupted haters can't wait to duck

Cause when I buck I leave a peep hole in his face

They peep O in the place then they get a bad taste

In they mouth, running his lip, I pull that ouch off my hip

Commence to spit, I'm too grown for this

But they tend to take you back to when you're known for riff raff

That'll be his ass, fucking with this cat

They say O calm ya nerve, but some niggaz need to be served

Cause it's purpose is unheard of

Blacks done seen too much murder to flirt with death

Guess he feels it ain't nuthin left

That's when the weapon is taking it's last breath

If he think for a second he taking me outta my flesh

Violent when it comes to putting Obie to rest

Natural cause is the only way they say he left

Not from no hater, I got too many guns

So, when it come to that shit, I'm off one nigga

Incompacitating O, no, I'm so

Observational I recognize you ho's

Nocturnal mufuckas knocking ya mans

Cause I'm sitting on paper bigger then Shaq hands

Plus every chance I get Obie advance

From spitting to getting riches, I'm so enhanced

On bitch ass niggaz trying to slow my plans

Realest shit a nigga ever spoke to fans

Listen, I'm taking kites in the pen

A nigga ever offend again, and that's on my kid

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