Obie Trice

Obie Trice - The Set Up (Remix) lyrics

ft Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks, Nate Dogg & Redman)

[Obie Trice - Intro]

Oh oh oh oh oh, Ohhh-miiiiiix (hehehehe)

Detroit nigga!

[Obie Trice - Verse 1]Ft Warren G

+Cheers+ the debut, the nigga, the voice, the career, is all new (yup)

You Pepe LePew-ass niggas loved your boo when I thugged her in school (huh)

Made her resort to fuck with niggas like you (hah!)

Me, I gave her obstacle courses

Bust nuts up in that ass, yeah, lots of abortions

You, took it out of proportion

Made the bitch wifey, when you should be plottin divorcin

I put her through the ring, had her wildin' out horse, when

You, bought rings, had her hiding out in Nordstrom (whoo!)

I coach her, help her play her part{whistle}

Catch these bars, you know I play her like a sport (hah!)

Obie is never that nigga paying for that loft

Or payin' the cost for another man to floss (nah!)

I'd rather have my hands on the grands of course

So the plan is creepin' up on your man, pushing The Porsche (what!)

[Chorus - Nate Dogg] (Obie Trice) {Redman}

Thick thighs but she full of surprises

I swear this bitch is +Shady+ (that's what I know)

Sex on her mind all the time

And you think that, that's your baby (you don't know)

You a good guy that's living a lie

But she told him where your safe be(Detroit!) (that's what I know)

If you cool and she satisfied {I know +Dat bitch+}

How come that bitch just paged me? (you don't know)

[Redman - Verse 2]

Ey yo, Obie Trice, I know the same bitch (the same bitch)

The bitch with the ear-ring in her clit (+Dat Bitch+?)

I got photos of her buttnaked

with Manolo's and a pair of handcuffs on her hip (ey yo)

She love coke, doin' lines off my CD (sniff sniff)

She in the bottles like +I Dream Of Genie+

She got a G.E.D. from nightschool

That stands for "Gettin' errbody Dolla", greeeedy!

I first met her at Magic City, she was gettin' lapdances, and grabbin' titties

When the stripper ain't lookin', she grabbed a $50

Ride out the bitch thong, when the song is on

I'm like: +Dat Bitch+ ain't shit!

She'll put the gun to your balls while swallowing your "kids"

Before you know it, you got robbed

By four fat chicks that kicked in your door while you was tied

That's the game +Dat Bitches+ play

Watch your back while they walkin' your way

You know her, long hair brown skin

Pussy be whippin' niggaz like Lady Heroine

You try to get her drunk, she slipped you a Mickey

Now you the next date-rape victim on +Ricky+

Bitch fuck with D, I have her legs +hangin' out the trunk+ like the

+Marshall Mathers LP+ (yup!)

[Chorus - Nate Dogg]

[Lloyd Banks - Verse 3]

Yeah, Lloyd Banks'll never trust a hoe (no)

They'll get you +Set Up+ fast, +puttin' your hands in the air+ like

Busta's show (yeah)

I got the fame, name, plus the dough

Between your legs and your chin is a few places my nuts'll go (hoe!) (hah!)

I'm stubborn in the worst way, so I don't follow up if I don't get the

p*ssy the first day (yeah)

Hey, slow down boo, cause' at a G-Unit party

My n*ggaz pattin' the hoes down too (yeah)

They're hungry and they're plannin' to profit

So I get all my hoodrat head with my hand in my pocket (whoo!)

They scheme, but the cannon'll stop it

Thinkin' I'm offpoint cuz I blew about a grand on a chocolate

And even if I'm loose off the liqour (liquor)

I'm reachin', besides everything's bulletproof but my zipper (ziiip! - Obie)

I don't even put my drink down, watch the bitch on your arm

She probably goin' through your mink now (Lloyd Banks nigga! - Obie)

[Chorus - Nate Dogg]

[Jadakiss - Verse 4]

Uh, Yeah, Uh

Yo, when you say "Kiss is the best", you're not hypothetically speakin'

If he dont die, I bet he be leakin' (D-Block!)

And I'm in the zone right now, I think I'm 'bout to finish up my album

by the rest of the weekend (let's go)

It's a dirty game, and rule number one (whoo)

you never spend clean money on a dirty damè (yeah)

B*tches pointing like "Oh, he Kiss!" (uh-huh)

Once they get a whiff of the purple kush or the OG Crip

Got a hazespot with dubs, a whole D strip

I get it for cheap, the 'ricans throw me shit

My n*gga listen, it's enough of 'em (uhh)

So you aint' gotta be runnin'round' here all crazy, lovin' 'em and

cuffin' 'em (New York)

Just don't add up, (naw)

she just wanna get her hair and nails done, and tear Fifth Ave up (yeah)

She might cop female 'Gators (huh)

Bad thing is the homie gonna spin her like Spreewells later

Now everything is messed up (yeah)

You wanna deck him, and deck her

Should have only used her from the neck up (whoo)

Instead of taking her to shop

Take her scandalous ass to +The Doc+, make her get a check up

Now for nothing, you should just stand down

Cuz before long, there's gonna be a man down (uh-huh)

But naw, you gave her the world

She gave you a ass to Kiss

And she's still your favorite girl, damn!

[Chorus - Nate Dogg]

[Obie Trice - Outro]


Hahahaha, yeah


Westcoast Connection with Detroit

Detroit Connection, with New York

You can't stop Obie Trice right now. What?

New nigga, new voice, new career, hehe, motherf*cker!

Whatchu know about it.

Nate Dogg my nigga

WarrenG, my nigga

Jadakiss my nigga

Lloyd Banks my nigga

hehehe, yeah

Yeah, and I'm on the Boost Mobile with my nigga Reggie Noble nigga

Whachu know about it?

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