Obie Trice

Obie Trice - Synopsis lyrics

[Intro: Obie Trice talking (Green Lantern)]

The Conspiracy (yeah, yeah ...)

Green Lantern (what up, what up)

Hey Green I'ma talk to 'em man

That's all on this one (Obie Trice y'all) [echo]

[Verse 1: Obie Trice]

My momma look in my face with praises

Amazin grace to see her son on a paper chase (paper chase)

She ain't gotta face the jake, runnin up in her place

Cause her son's on a paper chase (paper chase)

And she ain't gotta face my frame, layin up in her wake

Cause her son's on a paper chase (paper chase)

Obie Trice, toggle back and forth with options

This is my life, the block or your Magnum-voxs

The synopsis, clogs my logic

You wanna be mobsters

Roll on a roster like we's imposters

Like we's in D needs to be stopped

Like we don't bleed and breathe hip-hop, and so they knock us

But this accomplishment is far more fetch than one's knowledge

It's impossible, we will never be stopped

Shady's inevitable, our heavy influence in medley crew

Who grew from a old school's point of view

Earn from the best, learn to play chess with words

The circumstances sayin we herbs

But that's aight, Soundscan sayin we word

And I'm pronouncin numbers, I ain't never in my life heard

And you ain't gotta touch it, fuck it, say I'ma puppet

I hit the public, motherfuckers love it

Obie Trice 2003, summer, newcomer, I'm comin

Bump me in your buckets (fuck it)

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