Obie Trice

Obie Trice - Rap Name lyrics

[Obie Trice]

Obie Trice, real name no gimmicks

Rap; I been in it ever since I was invented

That's cuz a nigga live it

My records wield digits in history - niggaz you be the witness

I got the white boys mad at me

Cuz Em, signed another black boy like he nigga happy

Caucasians, Marshall knows talent

Obie Trice a riot, that's why he's hired

I hit ya raves, balloons and E's

and bang all your European Pamela Lee's

Fuckin aye, or how we say it round my way

"Fo sho", Trice gon' blow, then I'm off to them shows

I'm off across the globe, until my accounts all swoll

For young Kobe - big things, act like ya know me

Not a soul can hold me, I'm here


That's why I ain't got no, ("rap name")

The name's ("Obie Trice")

("They see me on the streets they be like 'Yo he nice!'")

So I came to the game ("real name, no gimmicks")

Rap my living... that's why I ain't got no, ("Rap Name")

The name's ("Obie Trice")

("They see me on the streets they be like 'Yo he nice!'")

So I came to the game ("real name, no gimmicks")

Rap my living - that's why I ain't got no

[Obie Trice]

It didn't take much - one hot single (BAM!!)

Smiles and handshakes my man

The industry greeted me with open arms

With no type of flak cuz O. Trice got that

Fugaze y'all rap, who gave y'all dat?

New wave of mu-zack that your all lovin

Got your broads on my balls huggin

Even my next-of-kin's famous (Obie's your cousin?!)

Please believe it, I'm as "Down to Earth" as Chris Rock

gettin hit by trucks, starin at twat

A big cannon in ya G-spot

Me not arrogant girl, me keep them freaks hot

Whether or not you believe my status

I'm prepared to be the baddest on the rap that's happenin

Put the Mitten back on the map with Mathers and win this


[Obie Trice]

Well I'm drunk right now, but still I got a gun

Beef? (*cocked and two shots*) best-a run

Cuz when I pop, people's flesh get numb

And whoa.. ya might not make it till ya young

The only one with okay's wanna blaze

Meet my little friends on racks in my den

Pull 'em out, that's when the action begins

And ya block, remind you of Mad Max the film

Deserted, that's word to vacant homes

2002 Trice up in ya headphones

(*vocal scratch* - If it's ya system)

Trice up in ya bows

(*vocal scratch* - If it's ya women)

Then Trice up in ya hoes!

I suppose that I am kinda cocky, when it's dealin

with raps, chicks, and cats out to sock me

I handle it like Rocky, Jake Sneed

Rakim, Eric B. - O's a G!



"rap name" ... "rap name" ... "Obie Trice"

"You can get stomped by Obie..." <--- Eminem

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