Obie Trice

Obie Trice - Obie Story lyrics

I'mma let you pick out whatever you want

Momma don't have much, but I'll spend it all on you today

Such a beautiful thing, being embraced by a woman that's a queen

With big dreams for the younger sibling

O couldn't do no wrong

According to report cards Obie brought home

They say good in spelling

Spelling bee's always excelling

Which was so overwhelming that Momma took him shopping

Copped him the new Jay's

Swear to God homie this was Obie's cool days

BMX'ing up the block with the tennant living next to him

Shooting hopes, who got hops?

Worthy, when he pop a jump shot

No worries, just a pocket full of sugar or whatnot

Hit the candy house on the block

It was pickle in them spot

Then things turn around when Obie'll lay down

Hear the sounds of fire rounds surrounded em

Astounded him, the volume of the blast had me so interested

Momma falling with cash, she can't get a nigga in this bitch

They wanna hit the ass, nigga start ditching class

Dad ain't around, he left a nigga

Sagging in them Superman drawers that one Saturday

Is it my fault, shit got dark?

Mom and I fall apart, relationship taunts, bad talk

"Can't stand you, looking like ya Daddy with that same walk"

{Muthafucka you - }

Now a niggas out in the streets

Two nickle plated thirty-eights on me

Can't stay away from beef

Scrapping with them niggas from the other side

Sipping Saint Ives rocking old school flannels

Old school niggas see that I'm an animal

Front me at 16, see how my roll handle

Now I'm up the O's but wait on the affy

Cuz here come my muthafuckin baby, cool

Had to slow my role

Plus my P.O. got a nigga pissing in a bowl

Hold my temperment cuz I see such innocence

When I'm looking in Kobe's pupils

Despite all the dope I sold I had to change my road

I just might be able to grow old

Older brother said, "Yo O

I'mma quit my job so we can chase our goals

I'll be manager-a-go, you can rap I suppose"

That's what we did, I still flipped a little bit

Saved up my chips and put it into music

"Well Known Asshole" a underground hit

Still scrambling, looking like shit

Baby momma think I'm smoking more then a spliff

Think a blessing came from the man who invented my gift

When Eminem said "let me hear you spit"

Wrote my signature, now Shady Obie represents

Hit em with the D12 skit

Can exhale now I see my Mom's ain't pissed

She hit em with a smile cuz Obie became focused

From independent out the trunk like them dope kids

To platinum plaques, world tours, getting noticed

An inappropriate soldier became so ferocious

In this Hip-Hop culture that I long for

The roller coaster O was on so young

Took a turn right into his song

That's right, from after school fights

To pushing white, to pursuing his career heights

One mic's, all I need involved with beats

I'mma be the streets to Jesus, cars on me

And that'll be the day you applaud and see

The underdog gets his eventually

Gotta end it though

I'm all in it, there's no limits

And it's so splendid

Real names, no gimmics

No image, just a soldier who spoke what he lived

From the ribs with it, the flows vintage

Obie gotta do this for real


Obie Trice

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