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Obergfoll, Charlie - Mom And Dad guitar chord

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"Mom and Dad"

written by CHARLIE O (Charles Obergfoll)

This is my own work.


[G] We made a [Am] wish so [C] long [D]ago,

and by the [G] grace of [Am] God {C] you came[D] true.

[G] We wish you [Am] love and [C]success in all [D] that you do.

[G] The road ahead-[Am] may seem [C] impassible to [D] you-

[G] You may have to [Am] go up [C] over 'round or [D] through.

[G] Never give [Am] up on what you {C]start out to [D] do. [G]

[B7] There may be hard--- days---[Em7] ahead,

That call for [B7]much- more -than you have.[Em7]

We hope that [B7]you-will-[Am]rise- to- any [C] task-

that comes your way [D].

We[G] made our wish to God [Am],

[C]and if you ever[D]need a helping hand [G]-

[C] Just --[Cm] Pray to God for MOM and DAD and

[G] We -will-come and [Cm] take you by the hand...

No matter [G] where we are ..[Am] near or far..

[C] We'll be there in spirit.. always very near at hand [G]

Lyrics and music by Charles Obergfoll copyright 2001

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