Obergfoll, Charlie

Obergfoll, Charlie - Dreams guitar chord

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this is my own work.lyrics used with permission only.

[E9]Wake up some mornin's,

think about my dreams.

The[A9]Lord gave me a [G]callin',

[F#]But, I could not see it[A].

I'd[E9]dream I was alive,

But my eyes could not see.

[A9]I tried to [G]cry,

[F#]But,I had no tears[A].

Cause[G]I had lived my [B-]life,

lookin' through your[D7]eyes.[repeat]

If you[C]don't live your[F]dreams,

You'll live a[G]lie.

If you[F]don't live your[C]dreams,

you'll live some one elses[G7]life.

[E9]Woke up this mornin',

I had a new dream.

The[A9]Lord was [G]calling to me,

[F#]and now I can[A]see.

Cause[G] I live my[B-]life,

lookin through my [D7]eyes.[repeat with chorus]

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