Oathean - Transparent Blue Light- So Too Much Tearful... lyrics

In that transparent darkness there comes a frightened sound

Shining that thankfulness upon me...

I tried to pass it but its gleaming eye stops me

The scent of sadness that frightens me

The cold air's scent pierces my skin

The sadness tears through and inserts my body.

I tried to tell it that it was no longer me

But I was sadly in joy

The girl has not yet erased from my mind

The day I crumbled

Catching my eyesight

The girl acted as though she did not know

Without knowledge of my accident

When my angel

Floats to me with a transparent blue light

So bright that I am in tears

The light being a little covered

The light covered by a man's back

He avoids me

I am in tears but it is what I wanted

Just like remembering the past

The time to disappear before Jesus.

After that time, not once have I been able to stand before him.

If there was a little desire in my life...

It's that my dirty spirit not be cursed onto you.

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