Oathean - The Last Elegy For My Sad Soul lyrics

Time's lonely space

A place coexisting with darkness is where your other life begins

Behind your smile is a dark shadow

Now with the two words of death

You became an existence that was no longer in my memory

The world has forgotten your existence now

No, the world may have forgotten that your name ever existed

Your sadness was too great to start a new life.

People who bash their necks...To a new world they head to.

The gorgeous flower is gruesome to you it as it dies equally divided

People guided to Heaven's gift

Their bodies will slowly vanish in the ground.

The spirit will leave the body to some place

I hear my spirit has not died

Life's all sadness molds me into a strong metal

With that I am able to begin my journey

To the angel that's yelling at me with rage with a sad voice...

Don't remember me anymore.

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