Oak Ridge Boys

Oak Ridge Boys - Soul And Inspiration lyrics

(You're My)

Girl I can't let you do this

Let you walk away

Girl how can I live through this

When you're all I wake up for each day


You're my soul and my inspiration

You're all I've got to get me by

You're my soul and my inspiration

Without you baby what good am I

Woh what good am I.

I never had much goin'

But at least I had you

How can you walk out knowin'

I ain't got nothin' left if you do




I can't make without you

And I'm telling you honey

You're my reason for laughin' for cryin'

For livin' for dyin'.


Please I'm beggin' you baby

I can't make it without you

If you go it'll kill me

I swear it I can't live without you


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