Oak Ridge Boys

Oak Ridge Boys - Sail Away lyrics

Across the bay a lady waits to hold me tight,

And my boat and I are ready to set sail.

If the weather keeps on holdin' and the wind is right

I'll be wrapped up in my sweet one's arms tonight.


And we will sail away

On the wings of love into the night

Cast out our fortunes on the sea

Then we will go to sleep together

With the rockin' of the water

Dream of how our life will someday be

When she sailed away with me

As I skip across the waves my sails are high and full,

My mind is on the one I wait to see.

And I dream about an island somewhere in my mind,

Where someday I will take her off with me.


Then a smile comes upon me as I look across the bow;

I see a lady on the side.

But she will wait no more as I head for the shore,

Cause tonight I'm gonna take her for a ride.

Chorus x2

(fades out)

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