Oai Star

Oai Star - And I Smoke... lyrics

When I was young my mother tell to me,

« Hey Lux you know you're very young, young, young »

I say « Hey mummy I know I'm very young,

Because you are my mother and I am your son ».

Now I'm grow up and I make what I want,

I make love all the night and I sing all the day,

Girls said to me « Oh Lux how can you be so cool ? »

I said « I smoke marijuana every days ».

And I smoke marijuana every day,

And I smoke marijuana every day,

It's good for cholera, c'est bon pour ce que tu as,

And I smoke marijuana every day.

Yesterday I went to the doctor,

And he said to me « You've got the cholera »,

« The cholera, the fucking cholera? »

« Yes you've got the cholera. »

Today in Marseille I went to another doctor,

And I said « Hey doctor I've got the cholera »,

« Don't worry Gari Greu, I've got the solution,

Smoke marijuana every day »

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