O-Town - Girl Like That lyrics

We're goin' out tonight

New shelltones with blue stripes

My braves cap to the side

Painted blue Levi's

The club hop's off at 10

But we won't be there then

Gotta stop at In-And-Out

and get a #3

But hold the onions please

Pullin up to the valet

Though I hate to be that way

But a playa's gotta play

And V.I.P.

Which girls are coming with me?


(in a red dress) I want a girl like that

(have fun dress) I need a girl like that

(out late night) You need a girl like that

Hey hey hey hey

(with a tongue ring) I want a girl like that

(doin her own thing) I need a girl like that

(a little tattoo) We need a girl like that

Hey hey hey hey

Now we're up in V.I.P.

Got this honey next to me

And she screams

When the DJ plays

(peaches and cream)

Baby do that dance for me

Get your friends 'round

Two or three

We can rendevous

And do that thing we do

I wanna drink to you

After drinks, it's time to leave

Go to valet, get my keys

Here's a fifty, keep the change

Jump in the Range

Which honey's coming with me?


Yea it's a party, girls all around me

It's a party, we gettin rowdy

It's a party, it - it's a party

Clap your hands *clap clap*

Everybody up in the party

Everybody, time to get rowdy

Everybody up in the party

Clap your hands *clap clap clap clap*

(here we go)

Oh my God, it's 6 am

The party's comin to an end

She asks me when we will again

Is that a sin?

Tomorrow is her best friend

<i>[chorus x2 out]</i>

<i>[Thanks to im_a_dreamer2000 for these lyrics]</i>

<i>[Thanks to rayray0304 juno, ry1109 wideopenwest for correcting these lyrics]</i>

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