No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name - Under The Garden

On a morning in November you were blinded by the sun

In your place that makes you feel so safe from everyone

You're totally oblivious to world poverty

Not affected by the millions that you don't see

And so we toast to opportunity and talk about the weather

Although we never look each other in the eye

We are paranoid and out of step with every word that we just said

We all sound fucking crazy and no one can lie down in their own bed

In a moment you will tell us of your own personal hell

I'm starting to believe that everyone is for themselves

We really don't have an eternity to make our dreams come true

But thinking for tomorrow isn't in you

On my way down to the city I was looking out the window

At some point you learned to look the other way

We're so desperate it's dangerous, we basically have lost our heads

Responsible for nothing but taking credit where ever we can

And so we live under the garden where we can hide

And not smell the dregs of earth

Beneath the sun of the same planet, inherit wealth, inherit dirt

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