No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name - The Dregs Of Sobriety

I hope someday that we can sit and talk above the surface

For now I'm drowning in a sea of you

The irony of alcohol and this conversation piece

Is exactly what we need to keep us from the truth

So let me sit here all alone and contemplate the meaning

Of a situation made up in your mind

You're so damn miserable and careless with your

Darkest thoughts

You act as if your clock is fooling time

Say hello to routine life and goodbye to the vacation

I haven't thought about you in two days

The more I see the in between the more I want to leave

But it keeps on closing in to the tune of selfish ways

In your ashtray is the answer to all the questions that

You had to prove

We are not going to keep moving forward in our sleep

Can you save us? Would you dare?

In a place where you refuse to care

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