No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name - Sitting Duck

I read the morning paper, someone had

just died

in big bold letters so it comes as

no surprise

I'm looking at a story bout violence, a

work from a lawyer in his defense

this time we got the jury by the throat

I turn the television on to get away

a quick reminder that we have to follow

every word they say

learned another lesson in history written

like a murder and mystery

to me it's just another way of disguising

the past

Fear is not the way to make it work and

be as one

it's too late the damage has been done

so fly your flag and make your

statements, hold on to your pride

and live your life for others that

have died

This is the end of what we know, where

do we go?

don't look for solace in some shallow

ignorant late night talk show

think about your problems every now

and then

discover that we're limited in the end

sometimes you've got to close your eyes

start thinking for yourself

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