No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name - Secret

Father works the late shift, mother drinks

herself to sleep

brother's outside fiending with a match

and gasoline

They told her lies and gave her no hope

for tomorrow

and all the fairy tales just fade away

the brightest day of all, the one that

she's been needing

turns to gray

The boyfriend calls her crazy, teacher

bores us all to sleep

and friends are in the bathroom

speaking just like enemies

Nobody understands her heart that's left

there bleeding

the dirty secret living in her mind

they'll always tell you that you lit the fire

you're feeding, left behind

Always there to make you think that

you're no good

there's nothing wrong with what

you've done

they just wanna lift you up and throw

you down

and make you stop when all you

wanna do is run

Nobody understands the shame that

you've been feeling

the dirty secret living in her heart

it must be hard to put the pieces back

together, torn apart

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