No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name - Pride

I see you clinging, stereotyping just to feel comfort, just to belong

Desperate for meaning to make sense of your life

Let me try to make you understand...

You got it wrong

You're not gonna catch me waving flags over my head

Looking straight and standing tall

I refuse to build the wall by adding my own bricks

That separate us all

I'd rather die than be a part of your pride

This ain't the homeland they've written books on

Never have been there, how would you know

Following footsteps that will get you nowhere

And living by some rules that were made up one hundred years ago

You're not gonna find me digging through my family tree

Just to find out who I am

I don't need to know that I'm linked to some murderer

To live on the same land

I'd rather die than be a part of your pride

So it looks like I'll be here for a long time now

Some things are better left mysteries

Can't change the future when living in the past

So do what you want and I'll decide my own history

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