No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name - Permanent Rust

She was corruption when I was destruction

I'm seein' through her eyes like cellophane

It used to be I'd see her face and feel so small

Now the only face I see is the picture

I'm throwing darts at on the wall

Where did she go? When loneliness is all I had to show

If I couldn't trust her then, who could I trust?

The pillow is wet with tears and permanent rust

Just when I thought I was out of the dark

I'm holding her tight and she breaks the light

She was dead in my mind, but her ghost is still around

It comes back to haunt me, it doesn't want me

It just happened to be passing through my town

It took so long to realize the truth

I resent every word I said...

That's when I knew, one and one don't make two!

I knew that sleepless night when she never came home

She's probably drinking somewhere knowing I'm alone

The road to nowhere is a long winding street

Maybe someone will be there at the end,

But it won't be me!

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