No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name - Night Of The Living Living

And so much can change in a second when everybody's

Hiding the truth

An eternal quest for some happiness is there anything we

Won't screw?

Like a loaded gun if it sits too long, eventually you'll work

Up the nerve

To abandon your herd

We got these remedies for insecurities that nobody is

Listening to

All the mournful cries of the less fortunate are so easy to

Say and not to

Like a funeral march in the summer sun, it's beautiful for

Something so sad

Concentrating on the things we can't have

We all live in a cage without space to use our heads

I'm more scared of the living than the dead

In a hospital counting every breath, are you happy with no

One in you life?

As long as up to this point you were right

But living scared is just no way to die

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