No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name - Lies Can't Pretend

I received your letter in the mail

Sounds like times are hard for you again

You said that you'd be nineteen in September of this year

And you're breaking up with your first girlfriend

"My dad and I got in a fight, he told me to leave"

When everything was fine

There isn't much that I can do to help you yes it's true

But I promise that the hurt will heal in time...

And you don't deserve this

Lies can't pretend, just another way of thinking

People can change when it seems they're not there for you

Truth cannot lie, never heard a better word that trust

Yes it's in you, know that it's true and right

Let me count the ways that I feel so sorry

When it rains it drains the spirit dry

We all have our mishaps, misfortunes, misopportunities

And the strength to carry on consider yourself free...

And you don't deserve this

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