No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name - Killing Time

Not Knowing what he had got into, only following the sheep

The message sent for his deployment at only twenty-three

Promised to be there for a short time

His mother looks at photos

Passed down from a family tradition;

Her head lies on her lap...

I'll never be sure exactly what it means

To serve and protect us from "enemies"

They make sure we're scared

To justify this ugly, bloody mess

It's less than your pride, it's suicide at best

The waiting fills her with delusion and memories gone by

"How could I give life to my baby and then let him go die?"

But with this joke administration where no one is exempt

It's not your fault and never will be.

Don't hold love in contempt...

I feel like I'm lost, drowning out at sea

Surrounded by space with no regard for sympathy

She sees the parade of victory and war that wasn't won

"I'm not coming home." "He's my only son."

If an angel earns its wings every time somebody dies

Then todays the angels black out the blue sky

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