No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name - Invincible


What this world needs is a few more rednecks

Some people ain't afraid to take a stand

What this world needs is a little more respect

For the Lord and the law and the workin' man

We could use a little peace and satisfaction

Some good people up front to take the lead

A little less talk and a little more action

And a few more rednecks is what we need

I was raised on beans and cornbread

And I like my chicken fried

Yes, I drive a pickup truck

And I'm full of American pride

I keep a Bible on my table

I got a flag out on my lawn

And I don't believe in mindin'

No one's business but my own

And I love them Rambo movies

I think they make a lot of sense

And it's a shame ole John Wayne

Didn't live to run for president

[And I'm a catfish connoisseur

And I love the Lynyrd Skynyrd band

And I'm crazy about the NFL

And I'm a diehard NASCAR Fan]

And I don't care what nobody says

I don't trust ole Gorbachev

And I don't know who turned him on

But it's time to turn him off


Now they're tryin' to take my guns away

And that would be just fine

If you take ‘em away from the criminals first

I'll gladly give ya mine

And I don't mind payin' taxes

But it makes my temper itch

When my hard earned money goes

To make some politician rich

What most people call a redneck

Ain't nothin' but a workin' man

And he makes his livin'

By the sweat of his brow

And the calluses on his hands

Now you intellectuals may not like it

But there ain't nothin' that you can do

Cause there's a whole lot more of us common-folks

Then there ever will be of you


That's what we need

And a few more rednecks is what we need

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