No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name - Hazardous To Yourself

Just read an article on clogging arteries

Renewed subscription to my health food magazine

Don't wanna die young, paranoid about the future

I'm only 19 and I'm a health food connoisseur

Right now I'm sitting in a room

I could be lying in a box if I don't eat right

Some people tell me what is good and bad for me

I don't trust anyone but health food magazine

Mom makes me food that sucks and I refuse to eat

Lock myself in my room, lose thirty pounds a week

Stay locked in your room all day, Your warped imagination

Stacks of books are piled high, with useless information

Let your anxiety tell you what is good and bad for you

Let paranoia tell you what to do

You always say that it's a hazard to your health

Why don't you put your fucking fear back on the shelf

Because the only hazard I see, the only hazard I see

The only hazard I see is yourself

Signed a petition to get smokers out of here

I got the figures on second hand smoke death rate every year

Can't go outside my room, you know I just can't leave

I'm too afraid that I will get some weird disease

My doctor tells me I'm a hypochondriac

He claims he can help me, but he'd stab me in the back

Been all around my room, There's nothing good to eat

Health magazine with ketchup is my new delicacy

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