No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name - Exit guitar chord



Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 18:54:10 -0800 (PST)

From: Evan MALVOLIO Hulka


ARTIST: No Use For A Name

ALBUM: Leche Con Carne

YEAR: 1995

TABBED BY: Malvolio

"Exit" -- No Use For A Name

(The intro/outro is just three power chords which, for the life of me, I

can't figure out. D'oh!)

A            F               C                 G

Yesterday becomes tomorrow leaves you wanting more

     D           F                  C     G

So intricate becomes the bathroom floor

      A                 F              C            G

And even though you're in a ditch you dig a deeper hole

      D                F            G   F

And I'm a shovel it's out of my control

             C                             B         A          

Promised a change didn't hear a word from you don't hold me back

G    F                           G   F

The exit isn't somewhere in my heart

             C B A G F                 C B E  D  G   A G F G A A#

A promise of pain... we're back to the start

(there's also some kind of riff that goes, I think:



The reason that I still persist it's obvious I care

Been waiting by your door with no one there

It seems that you are locked inside my key don't fit no more

And you're walking on the landmines you laid down before

Promised a change...


Note: This is not perfect, OK sue me.

E. Hulka

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