No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name - Biggest Lie

The same picture everyday

The young boy´s sitting in his room, he start up to say

I hate you father for not beeing home

If I needed your help you left me alone!

If my mother got some work to do

I have to help her where are you?

Face the fact you have to learn

You can´t by our love with the money you earn!


Welcome father to the real world

Your life burns out

Welcome father to the real world

I start up to shout

FATHER WELCOME to the real world

You aren´t here when I grow older

But left all works on my shoulder

You haven´t heard when my first word was spoken

You haven´t seen when my arm was broken

When I was young our distance has been very far

With twelve I learned how to drive a car.

And now I don´t know ho to speak to you

If I visit my mother the man on her side is new!


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