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The same picture everyday
The young boyīs sitting in his room, he start up to say
I hate you father for not beeing home
If I needed your help you left me alone!

If my mother got some work to do
I have to help her where are you?
Face the fact you have to learn
You canīt by our love with the money you earn!

Welcome father to the real world
Your life burns out
Welcome father to the real world
I start up to shout
FATHER WELCOME to the real world

You arenīt here when I grow older
But left all works on my shoulder
You havenīt heard when my first word was spoken
You havenīt seen when my arm was broken

When I was young our distance has been very far
With twelve I learned how to drive a car.
And now I donīt know ho to speak to you
If I visit my mother the man on her side is new!

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