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Yuh I see ya lookin' at me from a far(aye)/Shawty diggin' me plus I'm stuntin' in da car(aye)/Whats ya numba Imma hit ya up tomarr'(aye)/Yuh shawty don't ya know ya fuckin' witta star(aye)/
(Repeat 2x)

[Verse 1]
I'm in da black SS wit da top all da way down/And I'm rollin' through yo hood its gauranteed its goin' down/
Niggas gettin' crunk cuz dey see Trill on dey block/And Im neva unarmed shawty my steel stay cocked(aye)/Gon make dat pussy pop/Make dat ass bounce like a bunny/And if you freaky wit it maybe do it fo' some money/Make a nigga feel great make a nigga feel good/Hit it like a G just like Trill really should/Whisperin' in yo ear girl(aye gurl)/Suckin' on yo neck now(Yuh)/
Put you to da test/Made you sweat/Got you wet now/Its gettin' hot, gettin' steamy, gettin' wet and moist/I make ya feel good dats a bet not a choice/Deez lil'niggas out here man dey call fake/Hop up out da bed DAMN SHAWTY CAN'T WALK STRAIGHT(Ha Ha)/Now you know how I leav'em/Cuz I beat'em really hard/Yung Trill shawty you fuckin' witta Star/

[Verse 2]
Got damn shawty bad/Got damn shawty thick too/One thang on my mind is (Baby I gotta get you)/She said what yo name is? And what you tryna do?/I'm Yung Trill baby, you know what it do/She definitely/Wanna be seen in da ride/Ya best believe Imma be up between dem thighs/You could say I gotta certified grind(aye)/A G like me lookin' fo' a certified dime/Put a smile on a nigga face when I need it/And lay dat pussy down and let ya boi hit it/Hop up in da ride and ride in da T-top/Dat gangsta love got me hittin' ya G-spot(yuh)/(ayeee)Ya fuckin' witta vet/Got ya boi whisperin' in ya ear got dat pussy wet(aye)/I told'er meet me in da room 'round 7 clock/I did da Flinstone den I made da bed rock(Ha Ha)

(Repeat 2x)
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