Nits - 4 Ankles lyrics

(Peters/Hofstede)<br />

Steps on the carpet<br />

Your partner is perfect<br />

Steps on the lino<br />

To teach you to tango<br />

It takes two more lessons<br />

Then I got the chances<br />

To meet all the girls who<br />

Are waiting for dances<br />

Put on the blazer<br />

And even my razor said<br />

You got two flat feet<br />

But she will not notice that<br />

She's wearing glasses<br />

Got pimples on her nose<br />

And while we were dancing<br />

She was stepping on my toes<br />

In the dance for four ankles<br />

I was on flat feet bad feet<br />

Step on toes of pretty girls<br />

Step by step the lesson's complete<br />

My cheek and your cheek<br />

My knees and your knees<br />

My hand in your hand<br />

Oh girl can't you understand<br />

That I got the need for<br />

Your feet on my feet and<br />

My hand in your hand and<br />

My cheek on your cheek<br />

Step by step by step by step by step<br />

I take a step

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