Nightwish - Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean

A snowy owl above the haunted waters

Poet of ancient gods

Cries to tell the neverending story

Prophecy of becoming floods

An aura of mystery surrounds her

The lady in brightest white

Soon the incarnate shall be born

The Creator of the Night

Deep dark is His Majesty's kingdom

A portent of tomorrow's world

There shall the liquid give Him power

The red-eyed unborn lord

Fatal embrace of the bloodred waters

The cradle of infinite gloom

The spell to master this Earth

Carven on an infant's tomb

"I will die for the love of the mermaid

Her seduction beauty and scorn

Welcome to the end of your life

- Hail the Oceanborn!"

"Disgraced is my virginity

Death has woven my wedding dress

Oh Great Blue breathe the morning dew

For you are the cradle of the image of god"

"Brave now long rest is sweet

With me here in the deep"

"I prayed for pleasure wished for love

Prayed for your - "

"Never pray for me!"

"Who the hell are you for me

But a mortal dream to see?"

"This apathetic life must drown

Forever just for me"

"Leave me be

Leave me be

Leave me"

"From cradle to coffin

Shall my wickedness be your passion"

We shall come to set the dolphins free

We shall wash the darkened bloodred sea

Our songs will echo over the mountains and seas

The eternity will begin once again in peace

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