Nightwish - Crownless

Crownless again shall be the queen

Trophy on her grave still remains unseen

A boat on the river confessing the sins

The Riddler revealing the deep hidden things

Crownless again shall be the king

A gull covered in oil with a broken wing

A hitcher on a road alone and lost

Iron sharpens iron - a truth that once was

Mine is the Earth and the sword in the stone

Mine is the throne for the idol

One fleeting moment and it is all gone

Crownless again

Will I fall?

Roaming on razor-sharp castles

Ruling all but myself

(Now my night is laid to sleep)

One fragrant rose worth ten times what I am

A crippled begging a coin braver than I ever was

Reflection from me - Devil dressed in white

Chasten the being

Become what I once was

Mine is the Earth...

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