Nightwish - A Return To The Sea

A star falls down from the darkened sky

Where new worlds born and die

Kingdom Animalia watches its approaching glow

What it means is soon to be known

Beneath the lovely birch honeymakers build their nest in peace

On the savannah a lion licks a wounded gnu

To honor this moment even the heavens cease

Giant spiders learn how to swim

With whales they form a united kin

Snakes say hello to the rats on the ground

In the meadows play merrily the fox and the hound

Trilobite & Anymalocharis

The prey and the hunter

Survival of the fittest

Fall of Man

Seadrops foam all empty human skulls

Those on the shores of Atlantis

Darwin's resurrection is witnessed

By turtles he used to play with

Healed and happy She oversees

The Mother

The tyrant's return to the sea

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