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Every November we're told to remember
How Indians and Pilgrims ate turkeys and pumpkins
And thanked God for giving their new way or living
So every year that's what we do!

In October we're told how brave and how bold Christopher Columbus
who discovered and gave us new world to live in
And thanks should be given
So every year that's what we do!

Thanks for giving me what I didn't want

On November eleven we tank all the veterans
For brace men who tried to win wars and died
Without them our country would be run by the Commies
So every year that's what we do!


In giving all his gratitude
I hope you will not think me rude
But I really didn't ask for this
and Chris Columbus isn't missed
And Indians still try to resist
And I am more of a pacifist
So war is quite low on my list
And I rebel with a raised fist
And I insist I'm getting pissed!
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