Ozzy Osbourne's Son Sued Following Botched Police Raid

Ozzy Osbourne

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack has been named in a lawsuit filed by an angry Indiana housewife who was the victim of a botched police raid during the filming of flop reality TV show "Armed & Famous".

Jack Osbourne was one of six stars who trained with police in Muncie, Indiana for the show, which aired briefly in America earlier this year - and his actions are now part of a legal battle.

Lyndsay Clements claims Osbourne and a TV camera crew were part of a police unit that raided her home by mistake during the making of the show in January of this year.

The authorities were on the hunt for a fugitive and reportedly mistook Clements' home for his hide-out. They handcuffed the housewife in her nightgown and her embarrassment was caught on camera and aired on the CBS reality show.

Clements is demanding $1 million for the mix-up, which left her feeling humiliated, reports U.S. tabloid the Globe.